Official Name:
International Freight Connection Convention (IFCC)
Convention Theme:
New Points, New Resources
World International Freight Forwarder Alliance (WIFFA),WIFFA Cluster International Freight Co., Ltd
June 13, 2017
IFCC Brief Introduction:
2017 is the most innovative year of international freight. The Belt and Road, cross-border on line business, and a series of new things with China, make the freshest opportunities for Chinese transporters as well as overseas patterners. IFCC is purposed to set up a platform for shipping, logistics, trading and transportation enterprises from all over China and other counties to meet the “Five New” which are New Markets, New Customers, New Models, New Platforms and New Resources.
Docking Groups are Freight Forwarders with:
1.Freight Forwarders 2.Foreign Traders 3.Logistic 4.Shipping Companies 5.Ports 6.Finance
Docking Area:
1.Overseas agencies
2.Cross-border business
3.The Belt and Road connecting
4.Large project transportation
5.International customs clearance
6.Bulk transportation
7.Dangerous goods
8.Refrigerated transport
9.Rout docking
10.The truck transport
11.Logistics technology
12.Port service area
13.Financial services
14.Cargo exhibition
Fee and exhibitions:
Table Stand
USD300 including 1 person pass
Standard Both (3x3m)
USD600 including 2 person pass
Admission Fee
USD20 a person
Seminar Promotion
USD400 for 20 minutes
1、USD25000 for Gold
2、USD15000 for silver
3、USD10000 for bronze
Extra service:
1、 join in the platform of China and over seas
2、Cross-border Commercial platform promotion
3、Special Introduction for VIP
4、Media and website promotions
World International Freight Forwarder Alliance (WIFFA)
WIFFA Cluster International Freight Co., Ltd.